Power the supply chain

Maximise your vehicle’s picks or moves per hour with a Li-ion battery capable of fully recharging in 5 minutes or less.

Ultra-fast charging

Charging time is reduced to less than 5 minutes, reducing time spent out of service on a charger and freeing up warehouse floor space by eliminating dedicated charging bays.

Extended cycle-life

15,000 to 20,000 full SoC charge-discharge cycles, lowering total cost and the need for replacement batteries

Wide Temperature Operability

Charge and discharge from -20°C to 60°C, enabling operation all warehouse environments, including ambient, refrigerated and freezer

Advanced BMS

State of Charge, State of Power, and State of Health data monitoring with predictive estimation and early fault detection capability to accurately track and optimize vehicle tasking based on battery and system performance and schedule preventative maintenance

Nyobolt’s Ultra-Fast Charging Batteries for Lift Trucks

Nyobolt’s 36V Extreme-Fast Charging Batteries for Autonomous Mobile Robots

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