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EVs & charging

Embrace the evolution of charging with our advanced Lithium-ion batteries. 6 minutes to power up, ensuring the wait is minimal and your journey continues.

Cheaper and more sustainable

Smaller batteries enable energy efficient electric vehicles that are cheaper to buy and run, use fewer resources to manufacture – and are lighter, with better handling.

Charging at twice the speed

Charging in just minutes – at twice the speed of the fastest-charging vehicles on the road.

Longer battery life

Battery lifespan of more than 2,500 fast-charge cycles – enough to cover over half a million kilometres.


Nyobolt’s EV vision takes shape

The Nyobolt EV concept – developed in conjunction with design and engineering business CALLUM – illustrates the possibilities when it comes to combining ultrafast charging with high power in smaller batteries.

Charge time

Charge time of 6 minutes using a 350 kw charger.

Power and range

Battery pack of 35 kWh with a range of more than 250km.

A new approach to battery technology

New materials, cell and pack designs and control software combine to give the Nyobolt EV concept a battery that is more powerful and efficient than ever before.


Battery lifespan of more than 2,500 fast-charge cycles – covering over half a million km.


The charging speed of 1,600 mph is more than double to fastest competitors.

Mobile supercharging

The grid goes mobile – with instant rapid charging delivered wherever it’s needed. Instead of limiting EV charging to a handful of parking bays, Nyobolt’s mobile DC ultrafast charging technology, Bolt-ee, can reach a parked vehicle in any bay to deliver up to 100 miles of range in under 10 minutes – with class-leading cycle life.