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Together, we stand at the brink of a journey, charging forth to redefine energy. Systems-level innovation, born from a decade of shared dedication between world-class technicians, scientists, and experts.

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We believe in a collaborative approach to innovation and a systems-level approach to tackling the challenges that are holding back the electrification of new products and services. Building on more than 10 years of research, our international team of experts is breaking new ground in everything from materials, cells, modules and packs to software control and power electronics.

Our journey

Milestones on the road to delivering scalable, high-performance batteries to fuel ambitious applications for competitive edge.


Nyobolt founded to bring ultrafast charging batteries to the market and power innovations that cannot wait


Proprietary anode material production scaled to multi-tonne level and compatibility with industrial cell-making processes demonstrated.


Developed electronics and power conversion design capabilities to support ultrafast-charging battery systems in applications.
Raised £10m Series A funding.


Battery system demonstrations with customers in sectors including electric vehicles and industrial robots.
Raised £50m Series B funding.


Public reveal of the 6-minute, fast-charge Nyobolt EV concept.
Anode material production facility established near Cambridge, UK.
Expanded cell development and prototyping facility operational in Boston, USA


Our founders

Prof. Clare Grey

Chief scientist and co-founder

Clare P. Grey, FRS, DBE is the Geoffrey-Moorhouse-Gibson and Royal Society Professor of Chemistry at Cambridge University. After receiving a BA and D. Phil. from Oxford University she was a post-doctoral fellow at Nijmegen and at DuPont CR&D. She joined the faculty at Stony Brook University in 1994, moving to Cambridge in 2009, maintaining an adjunct position at Stony Brook. She is currently the director of the EPSRC Centre for Advanced Materials for Integrated Energy Systems (CAM-IES).
Recent honours/awards include Honorary PhD Degrees from the Universities of Orleans (2012) and Lancaster (2013), the Royal Society Davy Award (2014), the RSC John Goodenough Award (2019), the Richard R. Ernst Prize in Magnetic Resonance (2020), the RS Hughes Award (2020) for contributions in the field of energy and the (2021) Körber European Science prize.
Her current research interests include the use of solid-state NMR and diffraction-based methods to determine structure-function relationships in materials for energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors) and conversion (fuel cells).

Dr. Sai Shivareddy

CEO and co-founder

Sai has dedicated his career to the mission of finding seamless solutions for energy storage and retrieval.
His passion lies in clean energy and materials innovation, which drive Nyobolt’s unique high-power batteries with ultrafast charging times.
Since founding Nyobolt in 2019, Sai has applied a whole systems approach to address the need for accessible power.
His experience in inventing and developing various energy storage technologies across different industries for over a decade informs his vision.
Sai collaborates with a world-class team—scientists, engineers, and industry experts—united by a shared purpose: unlocking the potential of battery technology. Together, they challenge conventions and inspire a paradigm shift in energy storage systems.
Sai holds a PhD in Engineering from St John’s College, Cambridge, where he collaborated with Dyson on groundbreaking concepts for high-power energy storage technologies.

Our leadership team

Brian Barnett

Chief Technical Officer

Stephen Hutchins

VP Operations and Engineering

Bez Manohar

Director of Operations

John Mullen

Director of People

Prash Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Anna Wise

Head of Strategy

Pok Ki Chung

VP Cell Manufacturing – Asia

Matthew Hamblin

Commercial Vice President

Annie Wechter

Director of Investor & Partner Relations

Ramesh Narasimhan

Executive Vice President Automotive