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More power in less time

Unique high-power batteries with ultrafast charging times.

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Our applications

Combining ultrafast charging with high power and long cycle life, Nyobolt’s breakthrough solutions unlock the potential of battery technology.

World-leading electric vehicles and industrial robots are just the start.

Two solutions to meet different needs


Nyobolt Ultra

  • Ultra charge in 6-10 minutes
  • High voltage power
  • Maximum run time
  • Outstanding cycle life

Nyobolt Xtreme

  • Extreme charge in 1-5 minutes
  • High current power
  • Maximum cycle life
  • Low total cost of ownership
20000 cycles

Nyobolt’s battery technology can handle > 10,000 cycles without degradation.

6 minutes

An electric vehicle powered by a Nyobolt battery can charge fully in 6 minutes.

100 experts

Nyobolt has a global team of over 100 experts across materials, cells and packs.