Leading the Charge in Ultra-Fast Batteries

In partnership with IQCapital, BBC Global have created a video for InvestEurope that highlights our company vision to become a world leader in ultra-fast charging batteries and to enable a world where charging is no longer a worry because it has become so quick that we don’t have to factor it into our lives. Further, at Nyobolt we want every part of our business to be sustainable, from the processes we use, ensuring our batteries last longer, and that they can be recycled and have a second life.  

Watch the video featuring our CEO and Co-founder Sai Shivareddy and Chief Scientist and Co-founder Professor Clare Grey here.

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Dr Steve Hutchins

VP of Operations and Engineering

Steve has 30+ years hands-on experience in new product development, commercialization and scale-up from executive roles at Group Lotus (Commercial Head), Talga Group (Technical Sales Director), and Keronite (COO, CTO).  Steve has launched multiple new products and established materials manufacturing facilities in UK, China and USA with strict automotive, aerospace and ISO9001 quality controls. 

Prash Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Prash is an experienced Finance Director having qualified with KPMG in 1988.  Prash’s knowledge extends from start up companies and multi $b corporations on a national and international scale.  He has lead the finance functions within insurance, software, food, pharmaceutical and retail businesses.  Most notably, Prash lead the European finance teams at Tesla Motors for a number of years, during their early build stage, focusing on reporting, tax and treasury structures.

Dr Sai Shivareddy

CEO and co-founder

Sai is a leading expert on energy storage technologies arising from experience in R&D for over a decade in both academia and industry. He is inventor of a number of products relating to super capacitors, advanced materials and battery technologies, and has established and led product development and commercial teams globally within the battery industry in both start up and corporate environments.

He was a co-founder and director of ASX listed battery Talga group’s UK operations and also worked for the Tata group, where he led research, commercialisation efforts, and strategy for energy storage technologies.

Sai obtained his PhD from St John’s College, Cambridge, where he worked with Dyson in developing new concepts for high power energy storage technologies. His research work led to the commercialisation of novel printed energy storage concepts for IOT and power conversion technologies through a start-up he co-founded in San Francisco in 2012.

Mark Newman

Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Strategy

Mark is a leading advisor, investor, and frequent speaker and commentator on battery technology, electric vehicles and semiconductors.

Before joining Nyobolt in 2021, he spent 11 years as Managing Director and Senior Analyst covering Technology at Bernstein, where he was lead author of numerous Bernstein Blackbooks including 'The Battery Bible’, 'Electric Revolution' (2017 - 2020 editions), and 'The New Memory Paradigm’, amongst others.

Prior to Bernstein, Mark worked at Samsung in Korea for six years, during which time he held various strategy and business development roles, most recently as Director of Strategic Planning in Samsung’s Semiconductor Business. Before Samsung, he spent four years working in Field Operations at Applied Materials in California, where he supported the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturing companies in the United States, Europe and Asia. He also worked at Singapore Technologies in Singapore and Aker Kvaerner in New Jersey.

Mark earned a Master’s in Chemical Engineering from University College London, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Professor Clare Grey

Chief Scientist and co-founder

Since the launch of lithium-ion batteries in the mid-1990s, award-winning Cambridge University chemist, Professor Clare Grey, has devoted her career to understanding how to improve the energy density and life cycle of batteries.

Clare’s success started at the University of Oxford where, whilst studying a PHD in chemistry, her work on the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of tin materials, resulted in a paper in the famed Nature Journal. She then moved to chemical giant, DuPont, where she was responsible for discovering environmentally alternatives to the chlorofluorocarbons destroying the Ozone layer. It was here that her interest in the relationship between battery development and environmentalism grew.  

Following her time at DuPont, Clare returned to academia, opening a lab at Stony Brook University in New York, where she spent several years looking at how to enhance the capabilities of primary batteries for Duracell.

Today, Clare is a Geoffrey Moorhouse-Gibson Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, and a founding member of the new multi-million-pound Faraday Institution - the UK’s flagship battery research programme.

In 2018, Clare and her team discovered that niobium tungsten oxide could be used to dramatically enhance the performance and lifetime of batteries. On the back of the niobium anode discovery, she co-authored the seminal 2018 paper, ‘Niobium tungsten oxides for high-rate lithium-ion energy storage’. The discovery led to the launch of Nyobolt, of which Clare is Co-Founder.

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